Candy Crush Saga game by King, is one of the most performed Facebook games now. Players need to crush sweets of various colors by making matches of 3 or maybe more sweets. The overall game even offers a lot more features than that. In this specific article, I will try to layout the basic principles any player ought to know when playing candy crush saga.

Know the interface:

The game software is vital. You should know exactly what every single button does. As an example most players did not find out about some features from the user interface like the prize wheel, the life send function, the ability to reshuffle the board an such like. Knowing the layout and just what each switch does is very required for the gamer.

Know the board:

Each amount of the game has a different board. The board can be very tricky sometimes and as a person, you should know different options that come with the board. On some amounts you’ll be introduced with boards which can be separate therefore it is vital to understand how such as for example how the candies move from board to board.

Understand the candies while the combinations:

It surely surprises me personally when I observe that some candy crush players on high levels, don`t even comprehend in regards to the difference between vertical and horizontal striped candies. The game is all about sweets so any player should know the candy that is different alongside the various candy combinations that can be made. It will make your gameplay a much more easier. (examples: striped + striped, striped+wrapped)
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